Vernon Parish School Calendar 2017-2018

VERNON PARISH SCHOOL CALENDAR 2017-2018 Below is the 2017-2018 Vernon Parish School Calendar. This applies to all Vernon Parish public schools. August 3, 2017 New Teacher Induction August 7, 2017 Professional Development at School Site (No Paraprofessionals) August 8, 2017 … Continue reading

Fort Polk On-Post Housing Corvais got you bummed out?

I’m sure you get barraged with propaganda about how nice it must be to live on-post and rent a house from Corvais at Fort Polk. Well here’s the other perspective. Doesn’t it suck to never actually feel like you’re leaving … Continue reading

Casting ourselves as a Customer in this Video

Us at the office acting out what we’d like you to do about our listing on 1104 Meadowbrook !!! 🤣 (watch in HD for full effect) Here’s the link to the property in the video: #deridder #Leesville #fortpolk #greenacres … Continue reading

PODS vs DeRidder LA Real Estate, moving van – Cost Comparison

Are you moving an thinking about renting on of those storage containers like the ones offered by PODS? Before you do that why not check out what it would take to use our moving van instead. Our moving van is … Continue reading

Free use of man lift / boom lift for DeRidder LA Real Estate Clients

As many of you already know, our goal is to provide real estate services with added value. Examples of such value are:   → aerial photography for advanced pictorial depiction → free use of our moving van → free lodging … Continue reading

Wireless Internet running from the office to the house in DeRidder LA

As many of you know getting good internet service in DeRidder LA is a luxury.  We’ve tried petitioning to the cable and dsl companies, but nothing ever happens it seems.  In an effort to get internet to my house I … Continue reading

Vernon Parish School Calendar 2019-2020

VERNON PARISH SCHOOL CALENDAR 2019-2020 Below is the 2019-2020 Vernon Parish School Calendar. This applies to all Vernon Parish public schools. August 6, 2019 New Teacher Induction August 7, 2019 Professional Development at School Site (Paraprofessionals work day) August 8, … Continue reading

Fort Polk Housing Values compared to major U.S. Cities

If you’re looking for Fort Polk Housing, our housing market is strong.  What you’re about to read is a good hard look at the Fort Polk Housing market utilitzing thousands of points of data over the past 10 years. Use … Continue reading

Fort Puke – 6 Reasons Why Fort Polk, LA is a Great Place to Live

This article was written in response to an article posted on the internet called “The US Military Towns You Definitely Don’t Want to Be Stationed in, Ranked“.  In this article, which happened to rank Fort Polk as the #1 worst … Continue reading