Fort Polk On-Post Housing Corvais got you bummed out?

I’m sure you get barraged with propaganda about how nice it must be to live on-post and rent a house from Corvais at Fort Polk. Well here’s the other perspective. Doesn’t it suck to never actually feel like you’re leaving work at the end of the day? How does it feel to throw away money in rent when you could be living the American Dream and building equity into something you own? Take these steps to break free of the chains:

1.) Call us at (337) 419-1080.
2.) Tell your loan officer that you chose DeRidder LA Real Estate to represent your real estate needs and you don’t need to be “referred” to a real estate agent.
3.) Search our website to find all of the off-post homes for sale in Deridder Leesville Fort Polk.

Here’s a hot off-post listing for you that is in one of the most desirable school districts in the area:

Just listed in Ridgebook Subdivision in Rosepine

⭕ Rosepine School District in time for Christmas. With nearly 5000 views, this listing at 459 Delia Drive just north of Rosepine is currently the most highly viewed listing on our website. Whoever puts a contract on this house now can be in it in plenty of time for Christmas. This house is located in this highly desirable Rosepine School District. If you or someone you know may be interested in this beautiful home please call (337) 419-2080.

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