Seller’s Market – State of the DeRidder / Leesville / Fort Polk Real Estate

The state of the real estate market in the DeRidder Leesville Fort Polk area is this – it’s a seller’s market. Just this morning our clients posted an above-asking price offer for a home that was listed only hours ago. And you know what? We don’t even know if we got it yet! This is a seller’s market, and it’s buyers that are having to be competive right now. Offers tend to be full price, and they don’t ask for closing assistance. Cash offers and conventional mortgages are winning the day with sellers. VA and FHA mortages aren’t as attractive because of their bureaucratic red tape and sluggish closing times. Sellers want to sell their homes fast and for top dollar, and in this market that is exactly what is happening for sellers.

If you are looking to sell a home now has never been a better time. Call us at (337) 419-2080 and let us show you how fast these homes are selling.

If you’re a buyer and need to buy a home here are things you can do to prepare yourself for this market:

  1. Patience. There’s no better defense against a seller’s market than patience. No matter how hot the market is, You are the buyer, and YOU are the one who is holding all the money. YOU will decide when money gets spent and when and where real estate transactions will happy.
  2. Save up enough money to pay your own closing costs. It will strengthen your negotiating power because you won’t be having to give in as much because you need the seller to pay your closing costs.
  3. When you’ve found what you want, put the home under contract immediately. If you’re worried about a little crack here, or a stain there, don’t try to negotiate those small things into the real estate contract, especially in this market. If the seller thinks you may be a little difficult your contract will be rejected and the next contract accepted. Instead, get the home under contract and use your inspection period to address small defects like cracks and stains. This gives you more control because by putting the home under contract you have effectively taken the home off the market. By putting the home under contract you’ve removed the home from that crazy seller’s market, slowed things down to a pace you’re comfortable with, and put yourself into better control of the real estate transaction. Use your entire buyer inspection period to further negotiate and address things that need to be addressed with the home.

Call us at (337) 419-2080 if we can help you buy or sell a home in this hot seller’s market.

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state of the DeRidder Leesville real estate market
state of the DeRidder Leesville real estate market
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